Top 5 Arizona landscape ideas

So, when it comes to landscaping, the options are pretty much unlimited. With our surrounding area being all desert, picking a scenic desert landscape is the most popular option for Arizona residents. We have seen some pretty exotic looking yards at some homes in north Scottsdale… but for the average consumer, the desert look works just fine. Just so you know, some of those landscape designs we’ve seen in north Scottsdale make you feel like you’re in a jungle (far, far away from the desert), which is pretty cool because it’s almost like taking a mini-vacation when you’re at their home! OK, that was an over-exaggeration, after all, when it’s 110 degrees outside there’s no fooling anyone, we know we’re in Arizona. But enough about that, let us share with you our top 5 favorite landscape designs.

  1. Palm Trees and cactus
  2. Artificial grass
  3. Water features – fountains and ponds
  4. Irrigation for monsoon season
  5. Turning grass areas into rock

When you combine all 5 of these features into one yard, you get quite an amazing looking landscape. Palm trees are our number one choice because they are beautiful, especially when you take care of them and maintain them. Palm trees can also last for close to 100 years if taken care of correctly! Don’t get jealous because they’ll probably out live you, instead just buy one and plant it in your yard, you won’t regret it! Our second choice is artificial grass because of the easy maintenance. Obviously during summer pretty much everything dies unless you spent extra money on watering them, so why not just do artificial grass? Water features can make any yard look amazing. Since there’s not a lot of bodies of water around us (minus some nearby lakes) it’s pretty cool to have a nice beautiful feature with water running through it as an addition to your yard. We highly recommend installing irrigation systems in your yard, especially by the time the next monsoon season rolls around. Another alternative, our 5th pick, for getting rid of your grass is installing decorative rocks over your grass. This is much less expensive than having artificial grass installed. If you combine all of these elements into your landscape design, you’re sure to have the most bangin’ yard on the block! Please contact us if you would like to share your landscape design with us and the rest of the readers. To learn more about our landscaping blog, please visit our about page so you can get to know us.

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