Maintaining your landscape

doing your own landscaping in arizonaIt’s one thing to have a beautiful landscape but if you don’t maintain it, you pretty much wasted your money on having you beautiful landscape built around your home. The obvious choice is to pay a landscaping company to come by your house on a monthly basis and take care of the work for you. This option can get costly over the years so if you’re looking to save some money we’re going to give you some pro landscaping tips that will surely keep your landscape looking nice and keep your bank account full.

One easy tip to cut down the cost of your landscaping bill and or time it takes you to maintain your landscape is to have artificial grass installed. This is going to cost you a lot more money up front but over the course of time, statistics show that this will save your a lot of money. If you’re thinking about having artificial grass installed into your landscape be sure to do your homework and pick a reputable company. If you don’t want to have artificial grass installed, a much cheaper option is to replace your grass with decorative rocks. If your stubborn and love the look of your grass, getting a low cost but well built lawn mower is going to be your best option. It only takes about 30 minutes of time per week to keep your natural lawn looking great throughout the year. Keep in mind that during the hot Arizona summers the cost of keeping your grass looking green is going to cost you a lot when it comes to your water bill.

After you have your lawn figured out, the next biggest impact you can have on saving money when it comes to your landscape is buying a tree trimmer. They sell these tree trimmers at places like Home Depot for under 100 bucks. If you have a palm tree, you’re out of luck on this one but the tree trimmer can handle pretty much any other tree out there that doesn’t grow above 30 feet. The tree trimmer extensions usually don’t go past this height so you’ll probably have to suck it up and hire someone with more hardcore machinery to handle your tree trimming needs.

For you pool owners, pool maintenance is another thing you can maintain on your own that will save you close to one thousand dollars throughout the course of the year. The skimmers that pool cleaners use are sold at mostly all pool stores and can be done within about 2 hours time throughout the year. The cost of having a pool cleaner come out to your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis usually runs about $100 per month and this can easily be done by a home owner. The other thing pool cleaners do is check your chemical levels but once again, a quick stop by your local pool store and you can have the tools and the knowledge to do this yourself. We hope these tips help you save some money on your landscaping bill. If you currently do your own landsc

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