Hardscape landscaping in Arizona

hardscape landscaping ArizonaHardscape landscaping jobs in Arizona are quite common. Much like we covered in the post about landscaping pool ideas, the brutal Arizona sun takes it’s toll not only on pool decks but also on any concrete, pavers, decking, etc… When hiring a company to do landscaping jobs requiring these types of materials, it’s important to pick a reputable company because there are a lot of “contractors” out there that will completely take advantage of customers and sometimes even rip them off. It’s official, you’ve now been warned. But what types of hardscape ideas can take your landscaping environment to the next level? We’ll cover a few of our favorite ideas.

Our first type of favorite hard landscape idea is creating a decorative and luxurious looking walkway to your front door. The reason this is one of our favorites is because you can have the best looking landscape with great tree’s, artificial grass, and so on, but if your walkway looks haggard than it’s going to completely ruin the look of your front yard. Having some nice looking pavers or bricks can give your front yard a whole new look.

Our second favorite hard landscaping idea is to have a nice patio area built with a built-in BBQ. There’s thousands of ideas but since we live in Arizona, it usually makes sense to have a nice covered deck area to keep you shaded when your having those “summer’s almost over” pool parties in celebration of the upcoming cool months. Most people that live in Arizona are “over it” by the time September rolls around and that means there’s only about one and a half to two months left of the brutal AZ sun. Built-in BBQ’s can add a lot of value to your home also because they aren’t that easy to come by in the great Phoenix metro area.

Our third favorite hard landscape idea is building a nice flower bed in your front or back yard. Rather than having your flowers and plants in the ground (which still can look really nice) we recommend having an elevated planting bed built in to your yard. This kind of look can completely separate your house, especially in the front yard, from your neighbors houses. These kinds of hard designs can really help bring focus and attention to your house and really make your yard pop. We’ve seen some really low cost ideas like this implemented into peoples yards that really added value to their homes. We actually had one of our readers write to us and say that the value of their home increased $10,000 and the reason the buyer said they were willing to pay that was because of the hardscape feature (raised flower beds) that their home featured in their front yard.

If you’re looking for any kind of hard material landscaping to be added to your yard, we highly recommend Tempe Landscapers. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and have incredible reviews from their customers. If you have any stories regarding how your landscape transformed the look and feel to your home, we’d love to hear about it so drop us a line here. If you’d like to learn more about our mission when it comes to providing Arizona residents with landscaping ideas and tips, you can learn more about us here.


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