Artificial grass landscaping ideas

artificial grass landscaping ideasMaintaining any sort of grass in Arizona is an extremely tough feat. Some people can pay lots of money to have regular maintenance on their lawns but for most of us, the cost of this will make us bankrupt. A great alternative to having regular grass surrounding you Arizona home or place of business, is to have artificial grass installed. The artificial grass is zero maintenance and while it might cost you thousands of dollars upfront to have installed, your home value will surely rise and you’ll also save thousands of dollars over the years on maintenance and water. We highly recommend artificial grass and are going to give you some ideas and tips when it comes to having your grass installed. Some of these ideas came from Wikipedia, and some of them we have implemented ourselves and seen great results with.

Our favorite thing to do when it comes to artificial grass installation is turning that grass into a putting green. Arizona is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the country and is one of the biggest hobbies among residents here. The reason we bring this up is because a lot of people worry that when they’re re-selling their home, having a putting green in their yard is going to hurt them. Studies actually show that people with putting greens receive up to 5% higher offers than those without them AND they get more offers than those without them. In our mind, it’s a big expense up front to have a putting green installed but when you calculate the costs your going to save between maintenance and water, and also that you’re going to get more for your home than you would otherwise, we came to the conclusion that this is a great investment.

The second more traditional option for artificial grass installation that is sure to make your landscape look amazing is to simply have normal artificial grass installed. This isn’t quite as an exciting option as the putting green (especially if you’re an avid golfer like myself), but it does cost a lot less money than the putting green option.

One cool thing that we forgot to mention with any type of artificial grass installation is that they are now pet-friendly. This means that when your dog pee’s on the turf, it’s built to drain so that your grass doesn’t get stained or smell funny. Many people are worried about this so we thought it was pretty cool to find out you don’t have to worry about this anymore! If you have artificial grass installed at your house, please let us know how it’s changed your landscape and the look and feel of your home by contacting us here. If you need information on hard landscaping ideas, pool landscape ideas, or just general landscaping ideas for your home, be sure to check out our blog. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!

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