Hardscape landscaping in Arizona

hardscape landscaping ArizonaHardscape landscaping jobs in Arizona are quite common. Much like we covered in the post about landscaping pool ideas, the brutal Arizona sun takes it’s toll not only on pool decks but also on any concrete, pavers, decking, etc… When hiring a company to do landscaping jobs requiring these types of materials, it’s important to pick a reputable company because there are a lot of “contractors” out there that will completely take advantage of customers and sometimes even rip them off. It’s official, you’ve now been warned. But what types of hardscape ideas can take your landscaping environment to the next level? We’ll cover a few of our favorite ideas.

Our first type of favorite hard landscape idea is creating a decorative and luxurious looking walkway to your front door. The reason this is one of our favorites is because you can have the best looking landscape with great tree’s, artificial grass, and so on, but if your walkway looks haggard than it’s going to completely ruin the look of your front yard. Having some nice looking pavers or bricks can give your front yard a whole new look.

Our second favorite hard landscaping idea is to have a nice patio area built with a built-in BBQ. There’s thousands of ideas but since we live in Arizona, it usually makes sense to have a nice covered deck area to keep you shaded when your having those “summer’s almost over” pool parties in celebration of the upcoming cool months. Most people that live in Arizona are “over it” by the time September rolls around and that means there’s only about one and a half to two months left of the brutal AZ sun. Built-in BBQ’s can add a lot of value to your home also because they aren’t that easy to come by in the great Phoenix metro area.

Our third favorite hard landscape idea is building a nice flower bed in your front or back yard. Rather than having your flowers and plants in the ground (which still can look really nice) we recommend having an elevated planting bed built in to your yard. This kind of look can completely separate your house, especially in the front yard, from your neighbors houses. These kinds of hard designs can really help bring focus and attention to your house and really make your yard pop. We’ve seen some really low cost ideas like this implemented into peoples yards that really added value to their homes. We actually had one of our readers write to us and say that the value of their home increased $10,000 and the reason the buyer said they were willing to pay that was because of the hardscape feature (raised flower beds) that their home featured in their front yard.

If you’re looking for any kind of hard material landscaping to be added to your yard, we highly recommend Tempe Landscapers. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and have incredible reviews from their customers. If you have any stories regarding how your landscape transformed the look and feel to your home, we’d love to hear about it so drop us a line here. If you’d like to learn more about our mission when it comes to providing Arizona residents with landscaping ideas and tips, you can learn more about us here.


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Maintaining your landscape

doing your own landscaping in arizonaIt’s one thing to have a beautiful landscape but if you don’t maintain it, you pretty much wasted your money on having you beautiful landscape built around your home. The obvious choice is to pay a landscaping company to come by your house on a monthly basis and take care of the work for you. This option can get costly over the years so if you’re looking to save some money we’re going to give you some pro landscaping tips that will surely keep your landscape looking nice and keep your bank account full.

One easy tip to cut down the cost of your landscaping bill and or time it takes you to maintain your landscape is to have artificial grass installed. This is going to cost you a lot more money up front but over the course of time, statistics show that this will save your a lot of money. If you’re thinking about having artificial grass installed into your landscape be sure to do your homework and pick a reputable company. If you don’t want to have artificial grass installed, a much cheaper option is to replace your grass with decorative rocks. If your stubborn and love the look of your grass, getting a low cost but well built lawn mower is going to be your best option. It only takes about 30 minutes of time per week to keep your natural lawn looking great throughout the year. Keep in mind that during the hot Arizona summers the cost of keeping your grass looking green is going to cost you a lot when it comes to your water bill.

After you have your lawn figured out, the next biggest impact you can have on saving money when it comes to your landscape is buying a tree trimmer. They sell these tree trimmers at places like Home Depot for under 100 bucks. If you have a palm tree, you’re out of luck on this one but the tree trimmer can handle pretty much any other tree out there that doesn’t grow above 30 feet. The tree trimmer extensions usually don’t go past this height so you’ll probably have to suck it up and hire someone with more hardcore machinery to handle your tree trimming needs.

For you pool owners, pool maintenance is another thing you can maintain on your own that will save you close to one thousand dollars throughout the course of the year. The skimmers that pool cleaners use are sold at mostly all pool stores and can be done within about 2 hours time throughout the year. The cost of having a pool cleaner come out to your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis usually runs about $100 per month and this can easily be done by a home owner. The other thing pool cleaners do is check your chemical levels but once again, a quick stop by your local pool store and you can have the tools and the knowledge to do this yourself. We hope these tips help you save some money on your landscaping bill. If you currently do your own landsc…

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Artificial grass landscaping ideas

artificial grass landscaping ideasMaintaining any sort of grass in Arizona is an extremely tough feat. Some people can pay lots of money to have regular maintenance on their lawns but for most of us, the cost of this will make us bankrupt. A great alternative to having regular grass surrounding you Arizona home or place of business, is to have artificial grass installed. The artificial grass is zero maintenance and while it might cost you thousands of dollars upfront to have installed, your home value will surely rise and you’ll also save thousands of dollars over the years on maintenance and water. We highly recommend artificial grass and are going to give you some ideas and tips when it comes to having your grass installed. Some of these ideas came from Wikipedia, and some of them we have implemented ourselves and seen great results with.

Our favorite thing to do when it comes to artificial grass installation is turning that grass into a putting green. Arizona is home to some of the greatest golf courses in the country and is one of the biggest hobbies among residents here. The reason we bring this up is because a lot of people worry that when they’re re-selling their home, having a putting green in their yard is going to hurt them. Studies actually show that people with putting greens receive up to 5% higher offers than those without them AND they get more offers than those without them. In our mind, it’s a big expense up front to have a putting green installed but when you calculate the costs your going to save between maintenance and water, and also that you’re going to get more for your home than you would otherwise, we came to the conclusion that this is a great investment.

The second more traditional option for artificial grass installation that is sure to make your landscape look amazing is to simply have normal artificial grass installed. This isn’t quite as an exciting option as the putting green (especially if you’re an avid golfer like myself), but it does cost a lot less money than the putting green option.

One cool thing that we forgot to mention with any type of artificial grass installation is that they are now pet-friendly. This means that when your dog pee’s on the turf, it’s built to drain so that your grass doesn’t get stained or smell funny. Many people are worried about this so we thought it was pretty cool to find out you don’t have to worry about this anymore! If you have artificial grass installed at your house, please let us know how it’s changed your landscape and the look and feel of your home by contacting us here. If you need information on hard landscaping ideas, pool landscape ideas, or just general landscaping ideas for your home, be sure to check out our blog. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading!…

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3 Arizona pool landscaping ideas

If you’re living in Arizona, you need a pool. There’s no question about it, it’s a must! Unless you have a ton of money to migrate West for the summer and re-located in California until the brutal summer heat passes, a pool should be a part of your home. If a pool is not a part of your home yet, put that sucker on your must-have list and get it done and keep this article in mind for future reference. If you do have a pool, we’re going to share with your 3 tips to turn your pool into an ordinary pool to a fantastic pool that will make you feel like you’re at your own resort!

  1. Our first tip is to get some sweet decorative boulders going on around your pool, preferably the ones that have speakers. All the good resort pools have relaxing hidden music going on for their guests. The effect it has on their guests is amazing because it’s seen as a sort of automatic relaxer
  2. The next thing you need to do is get your pool deck nice and clean looking. Cracked pool decks account for some of the biggest problems down the road when it comes to repairing your pool. The harsh Arizona heat doesn’t go easy on pool decks so it’s important to get these things checked out because it will save you a lot of money down the road, but will also make you love your pool again!
  3. The 3rd pool landscaping idea we have for Arizona residents is to have some sort of shaded cabana area. You’re probably thinking that this is going to be way too expensive to have done but in reality you can do it for quite cheap. One of our readers submitted a story to us about how they were able to install a cabana shade for their “home VIP” area for under $500. They were able to install some clean looking wood and drape cabana features down from it which gave them the perfect shaded spot in their backyard for a ridiculous low cost.

If you apply these tips to your backyard, your home will look nicer, appear to have more value, and your backyard will be as serene as ever. We do also recommend of course getting some beautiful plants and trees put into your back yard. We like to make our visitors feel as though they are not in Arizona when they come over to our house for a backyard BBQ. You can easily do the same for your guests. Please contact us with any stories of your own low cost backyard landscaping ideas that have transformed the look of your yard.…

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Top 5 Arizona landscape ideas

So, when it comes to landscaping, the options are pretty much unlimited. With our surrounding area being all desert, picking a scenic desert landscape is the most popular option for Arizona residents. We have seen some pretty exotic looking yards at some homes in north Scottsdale… but for the average consumer, the desert look works just fine. Just so you know, some of those landscape designs we’ve seen in north Scottsdale make you feel like you’re in a jungle (far, far away from the desert), which is pretty cool because it’s almost like taking a mini-vacation when you’re at their home! OK, that was an over-exaggeration, after all, when it’s 110 degrees outside there’s no fooling anyone, we know we’re in Arizona. But enough about that, let us share with you our top 5 favorite landscape designs.

  1. Palm Trees and cactus
  2. Artificial grass
  3. Water features – fountains and ponds
  4. Irrigation for monsoon season
  5. Turning grass areas into rock

When you combine all 5 of these features into one yard, you get quite an amazing looking landscape. Palm trees are our number one choice because they are beautiful, especially when you take care of them and maintain them. Palm trees can also last for close to 100 years if taken care of correctly! Don’t get jealous because they’ll probably out live you, instead just buy one and plant it in your yard, you won’t regret it! Our second choice is artificial grass because of the easy maintenance. Obviously during summer pretty much everything dies unless you spent extra money on watering them, so why not just do artificial grass? Water features can make any yard look amazing. Since there’s not a lot of bodies of water around us (minus some nearby lakes) it’s pretty cool to have a nice beautiful feature with water running through it as an addition to your yard. We highly recommend installing irrigation systems in your yard, especially by the time the next monsoon season rolls around. Another alternative, our 5th pick, for getting rid of your grass is installing decorative rocks over your grass. This is much less expensive than having artificial grass installed. If you combine all of these elements into your landscape design, you’re sure to have the most bangin’ yard on the block! Please contact us if you would like to share your landscape design with us and the rest of the readers. To learn more about our landscaping blog, please visit our about page so you can get to know us.…

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